Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 8

Oliver Prichard
"Teens Find Freedom, Trouble with Myspace"
Knight Ridder Newspaper (KRT)

People across America are getting so swept up into myspace, they can adjust things, add things, delete things, take codes and other things they enjoy off other peoples pages, they are now allowing your choice of music and can add You Tube videos. You can pretty much call your house for a teenager; everything you know and put time into goes on that page. Because you spend so much time trying to get the best social life of having the best page or the cool new song, or even having the most friends can be a competition between friends. That leaves little or less time for schoolwork, family time, exercise, interacting with kids their own age, now days everything is done online, with the new Aim, and now myspace and face book for college students. Kids need to take a step out of the future where they can not do anything without doing online and take a break from all the danger that could be on any page you go onto.

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