Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 3

Cathrine Sailiant
"Testing the Bounds of Myspace"
Los Angeles Times
April 8th 2006 pp. A 1 +

Myspace can give away a lot of personal information, many people take survys that ask a lot of personal questions for example: Have you ever taken drugs? Are you a virgin? Have you ever killed someone? These questions are not okay for young teenagers to already be seeing and answering. Kids quickly spread the word that they got a myspace and soon everyone of their friends' want one. Parents should closely watch their children, making sure they know what their doing on myspace to keep themselves out of danger. Many strange people on myspace are not who they always say they are which can lead teenagers into their trap where the sexual predators want them. If parents put strict rules and allow certain things and watch their kids on the internet will help protect a lot of young teenage girls today. Teens are using improper grammer which is corrupting their english writing. They start writing in slang in papers when they write on homework assingments etc. It also makes kids addicted always checking to see if they got new friend request, picture comment, or new comment, that can interurpt with their family time making them less social with their family.

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