Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 6

The Blade
"Myspace a safer place;"
Pages of opinion, Newspaper
A company that does tracking on Myspace tells us that 12% of members on myspace are younger that 16, because this number is somewhat high it makes it very unsafe for vulnerable teens to meet new people and to act different of do what they see on other kids Myspace pages. Teens leave Chain messages posted in bulletins saying "add him he'll treat you right" and other words that could make any teen feel uncomfortable to be online. They pick on the young teens because they call them "easy targets" thinking that they do not know much better than not to talk to strange people online. That’s when talking to your parents about Internet safety kicks in. It is important to talk to you parents about what you’re doing online and letting them know if anything out of the normal keeps coming up. Kids in their young teens still do not know right from wrong very well, messing with people online can cause a lot of damage and trouble to kids parents and social works as in cops, judges etc. Parents need to explain to their children before letting them going out online.

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