Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter
Humans help destroy their lives by destroying the o zone layer day by day.
1. People are creating holes in the o zone layer, which is making the sun more dangerous to our skin, and more people every year are getting skin cancer.
2. People are using a lot of energy, which causes us to burn fuel and pollute the air. With the different gases we have, and with the objects almost everyone owns in their own houses.
3. The increasing temperature is making it hard to grow food and is ruining a lot of plantations and habitats for the animals.
1. The topics I just talked about is what humans are doing to themselves which is creating the problem with holes in the o zone layer and global warming.
BodyA. Body paragraph #1 (first proof of your thesis statement)
1. Topic sentence.
The growth of skin cancer around the world is growing at an extreme rate.
2. Supporting details
3. a. Throughout the years many more women have been diagnosed with BCC (the most common skin cancer). Some rates that I found on “Skin Cancer Rates On the Rise Among Young People” are in
1976-1979 13.4 out of 100,000 but then in 2000-2003 31.6 out of 100,000 were diagnosed.
b. Part of the reason so many people are getting skin cancer is because of the holes in the o zone layer that are being created.
c. It doesn't help either when teenagers think it is only necessary to be tan in the summer and winter. They do whatever they can to become tan. Even using the very dangerous tanning beds year round.
d. The dangers increase when not using the right equipment to protect your self, like suntan lotion, hats, umbrellas, and even trying to prevent being in the sun for long periods of time.
B. Body paragraph
#1 (second proof of your thesis statement)
1. Topic sentence.
Driving back and forth from home to work and school etc. doesn't help our environment either.
2. Supporting details (proof of topic sentence; be specific with details and have enough information)
a. We burn a lot of fuel in one day around the whole world. Even though gas prices are rising the amount of fuel being burned every day is not decreasing.
b. The fuel is not only polluting our air but it is decomposing the ozone layer, along with making the rate of wild fires rise increasingly.
c. Most of houses in the world are helping continue with the problem by having aerosol cans with hairspray or spray paint that also causes a lot of damage to the air.
C. Body paragraph #1 (third proof of your thesis statement)
1. Topic sentence.
The increasing temperature from the thinning of the o zone layer is hurting our environment.
2. Supporting details (proof of topic sentence; be specific with details and have enough information)
a. It is making it hard to grow a lot of our foods that are grown outside because of the temperature it is making it difficult to keep them alive.
b. Animals are having a hard time adapting to this lifestyle with the temperature and trying to create homes for themselves by constantly having to find new places to build their homes.
III. ConclusionA.
Re-state thesis1.
Humans are creating these problems and solutions need to be taken in to action to help save the ecosystem.(Transition sentence goes here)
B. Review main points1.
By using non-fueled powered cars it can help lessen the amount of gas in the air.
2. People can switch to pump bottles for their hairspray and cans of paint to also decrease the amount of different pollutions in the air.Transition sentence goes here)
C. Attention-"goer" (sometimes called the "clincher")
1. We need to start recognizing the problem that is going on and start doing something about it like the ideas I just gave and we can start seeing the changes around the world soon enough.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day 5 Climate problem- solution
The problem:
The drastic chage of temperature around the world is causing major problems to the earths atmosphere. The world's O zone layer is slowly disappearing, at this rate it will not take long for the O Zone layer to be completely gone.Which can be bad for the earth’s ecosystem. It will cause the land temperatures to rise increasingly and that can cause and uncomfortably living situation for many people. This is one of the bigger problems of the world and action needs to take place.
The major evidence that has been spotted is that glaciers in the northern hemisphere have been melting very quickly causing many of the ocean levels to increase dramatically. But at the same time the water current is moving a litlle slower than it used to. There has even been holes in our O zone layer which can let in dangerous ultraviolet rays which can damage human skin. The holes got there by humans burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and clearing the forests as much as they have. Not only does Global warming effect humans it has also effects over 279 species of animals. Right now scientist are debating if it is a major problem and it looks to me that it is having or is going to be having a major effect on us.
Contributing Factors:
Some major contributing facotors is how much fuel an average person burns a day but take that much and times it by how many people you have in the world that is a lot of fuel to burn around the world no wonder our O Zone layer has holes in it. Another factor is the hairspray, spray paint aerosol cans a lot of us use that damages the O Zone layer just as much as the fuel does only leaving us with holes. Humans are the main contributing factor they seem to have a lot of garbage that has to go some where and that is where the land fills come in which does the same thing as the fuel and aerocol cans.
we can slow down the process of this happeing by recylcing more and being more efficeint around everyday things such as electricty in your houses, try not to use as much each day. Making less fuled cars, have them run on something other than fuel that can pollute. Also companies could stop making the aerosol cans and start using only pump bottles or cans that don't spray to help stop this problem.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Problem Solution

Problem Solution

Tartan is to crowded, there is to many students in tartan.

~ Takes a long time to get to your locker and to class.
~Not as many desks for all the students
~Classes are to full

Contributing Factors:
~Kids trasferring from different school for sports
~The shape of our school

Not having open enrollment at our school which just keeps letting more and more people in our school when there is not enough space in our school.

Monday, February 5, 2007