Monday, February 12, 2007

Problem Solution

Problem Solution

Tartan is to crowded, there is to many students in tartan.

~ Takes a long time to get to your locker and to class.
~Not as many desks for all the students
~Classes are to full

Contributing Factors:
~Kids trasferring from different school for sports
~The shape of our school

Not having open enrollment at our school which just keeps letting more and more people in our school when there is not enough space in our school.


SZplaya said...


do ur HOME WORK ASHLEY, i want to comment posotive things but when u dont do ur homework i cant, oh and hi, im sitting next 2 u in class hahahaha, SAM ZABEL

Mr. Hatten said...

There ARE too many people ... and Tartan is TOO crowded. I won't even comment on Zabel's lack of English class etiquette. The only thing that comment is missing is an lol and a few omg. -- Mr. Hatten