Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 5

Alvin Chang
"Myspace tries blocking predators, but can safety measure work"?
Knight Ridder Tribune News Service

Myspace added safety features making profiles that are under the age of 18 blocked to anyone over 18, which lessens the amount of old men trying to prey on the young teens. But even that wouldn’t stop the pedophiles from seeking their goal; they would then just create another myspace claiming they were 14 so they were able to see all the myspaces that they wanted to without anyone knowing they were lying. Many teens are suing Myspace for being sexually assaulted by someone lying about his or her age, location, hometown, etc. Myspace should not be getting sued for anyone’s sexual harassment, people put it upon themselves it should be none else’s problem but their own for signing up to be a member. There is danger everyone in the world but online seems to be the hot spot. Where pedophiles can come a sweep the nation with their disgustingness that none wants around their children or friends.

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