Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 7

Janet Stanley
"Child abuse and the Internet "
Published By the Australian institute of Family Studies

Kids are exposed to things they shouldn't be seeing a lot over the teenage years of their life, but over half of them occur online. Teens are exposed and brought into the world where many parents do not want their kids to be. Because of this it is putting young vulnerable teens in positions they are not ready to handle yet. This can make it very easy for sexual predators to come and sweep them off their feet. They often try to talk teens into a relationship starting off as friends than slowly get more and more friendly with their victim, without them knowing what they are trying to do. Out of 501 surveyed 63% said they would rather be online that sitting and watching the television. Many young kids are learning things at earlier of earlier ages making the risk factors go up a lot in the danger online.

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