Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 4

Eric Bloom
New Opportunities
"Danger Online"

There are many people out there trying to stop the danger of online predators. Teenagers should be able to feel safe while being online at their house school or anywhere else. There are cops and detectives out there trying to lure in the sexual predators just so they can get caught and have one less fright online. The argument of whether or not internet in school should be allowed, if it is pulled from the teens fingertips it would keep the safe from what parent and teachers can not keep them safe from. But keeping them from the Internet is on of the best way children learn; there is a lot of educational things and entertainment for everyone. Many sexual predators that are willing to go the mile to get what they want will often travel far distances just to get the chance to do what they want with teens today. Myspace is one of these spots, someone can add you and see that you like all the same stuff not know that the predator just recently made his to fit your personality to try to slowly attack you.

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